TRI® Dental Implant System
Performance Concept

The TRI® Performance Concept integrates 4 Gold Standards, in order to make the life of the practitioner as simple and yet high performing as possible to achieve natural esthetic results in daily practice.

Implant Lines

The TRI® Performance Concept is incorporated in the Bone-Level (TRI®-Narrow, TRI®-Vent) and Tissue-Level (TRI®-Octa) implant lines and ensures optimal esthetic results both in the anterior and posterior area.


The revolutionary touchless delivery concept TRI® Pod allows to pick-up the implant directly with the surgical hand-piece in one single step. Whilst guaranteeing the highest purity of the TRI® SBA surface. A true design innovation which will take your surgical performance to a new level.

Digital Solutions

TRI®+ Digital Solutions guarantees a universal implant open interface to leading technology partners in digital dentistry. TRI®+ Digital Solutions allows a wide range of indications via 3D Planning, Guided Surgery,CAD Abutments, CAD/CAM screw-retained and cement-retained restorations or modern treatments such as All-on-TRI® procedures.

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