The TRI® Dental Implant System has been developed to make the practitioners life easier and at the same enhance the performance of the product features. Due to its singular implant prosthetic platform and its unique implant body, it can quite rightly be considered one of the leanest and smartest implant systems in the world. The TRI® Bone-Line is offered in 3 implant diameters 3.75 mm, 4.1 mm and 4.7 mm. 

However, all implants share the same prosthetic platform of 3.5 mm, guaranteeing maximum simplicity in usage and enhanced platform switching with the wider implant diameters.


Machined implant neck

The bone level implants feature a 0.5 mm machined neck in the crestal area

Platform Switch Neck Design

to shift the biological width horizontally and stabilize the crestal bone

Crestal thread design

with square thread pattern to protect the cortical bone

Body thread design (60 degrees)

to enhance bone surface area in the spongiosa for optimal bone-to-implant contact

Apical thread design (45 degrees)

with increased sharpness for immediate primary stability

Round Apex

to protect the Schneiderian Membrane

More Flexibility.

With only one prothetic connection TRI® reduces the number of components to a minimum, optimizing the handling and storage requirements in the daily practice.


The tapered implant body with self-tapping threads provides an optimal primary stability for immediate, early or late implant treatment concepts.

“TRI Dental Implants combines science and clinical versatility with a very reasonable price. It has an excellent product line that not only makes it easy for hard tissue to integrate but also promotes soft tissue development with a simple prosthetic solution.”

Hom-Lay Wang, DDS, MSD, PhD (University of Michigan, USA)
Prof. Peter Fairbairn (UK)
The bone level implant for all indications

6.5mmL | 8mmL | 10mmL | 11.5mmL | 13mmL | 16mmL

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