TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment
Patented instrument-free handling technology

The TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment is a revolutionary instrument-free innovation for closed-tray impression taking and final abutment restorations. The patented integrated solution guarantees an entire new level of precision and simplicity during the impression and restorative process. And best of all: you get 2 products in 1!

Contour Abutment
for Temporary or permanent treatment

Soft Tissue Management

Concave emergence profile

Pink anodized for better esthetic results

Anatomically contoured cement-line


The newly patented TRI®-Base is the first Ti-Base that can be customized in length and angulation,
both physically by the technician and virtually in the respective CAD Software. 

4 Customizing Options

Rough Turned Surface for Better Retention

Anodized Pink for Better Esthetics

Engaging And Non-Engagning

Milling Blank
CAD Abutment

Superior Design Features

Including TRI® Friction and TRI® Soft Tissue Concept

Maximum Flexibility 
For full anatomic Abutment Design

Cement Retained
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