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TRI® Solutions
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With TRI® Solutions we provide state-of-the-art and reliable treatment options for the benefit of clinicians and patients worldwide. TRI® Solutions simplifies practitioners planning process and allows to plan treatments in an efficient and fast way. We offer a wide product range with modern and revolutionary features and covers all essential treatment options from single tooth missing to edentulous jaws.

TRI®+ Digital.

All TRI® Solutions are supported by the TRI®+ Digital Solutions, which guarantees an universal implant open interface to leading technology partners in digital dentistry. In contrast to numerous locked digital systems, TRI® helps creating more transparency and eliminating all barriers for their respective treatments. Linked with the lean and intelligent dental implant system of TRI®, treatment options from simple to complex without limits has never been easier. 

TRI® Solutions Tutorial
presented by Sandro Venanzoni (CTO)
TRI® Immediacy.

With the innovative TRI® BoneAdapt Technology, TRI® provides a smart and aggressive implant design that outperforms existing industry standards in terms of Primary Stability*. The benefit for clinicians and patients is a state-of-the-art treatment option at the day of surgery such as All-on-TRI®, resulting in immediate satisfaction for a higher quality of life. 

TRI® Esthetics.

The TRI® Esthetic Line sets high standards with its consistent soft tissue neck design and pink coloured components for the treatment of esthetic cases: from implant and provisional to the final restoration. 

TRI® Edentulous.

Beside the All-on-TRI® technique as a simply, cost-efficient and immediate patient treatment, we offers the TRI® Raptor Abutment range with low profile direct implant overdenture attachments. With a low vertical profile of 2.1 mm and diameter of 4.4 mm it is the smallest attachment system on the market. This system offers multiple solutions for overdenture treatment planning when vertical space limitations are a consideration.

TRI® Efficient & Economic.

Revolutionary and innovative products, such as the TRI® Pod implant packaging, which allows to pick-up the implant in one single step, will take your surgical performance to a new level. But also for restorative procedures TRI® provides unique solutions, like the instrument-free handling TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment.

TRI® Limited Bone & Tissue.

With its range of 6.5 mm implants available for the standard Bone- & Tissue-Level implant lines, TRI® offers a minimally invasive solution for the TRI® Narrow Line (ø 3.3 mm) with a 10 mm length implant. Thanks to the crestal thread design of the implant and the tapered implant body a high primary stability can be achieved. The TRI® Narrow Portfolio is ideal for minimally invasive procedures with limited horizontal bone and will reduce significantly surgical time for the practitioner. 

One indication. One solution. One price.

“TOOTH IN A BOX” is a complete solution including all implant components and all laboratory services for the practice needs. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, TRI® Dental Implants provides high-quality, innovative and easy-to-use implant solutions combined with the CAD / CAM Technic for the benefit of patients worldwide.