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TRI® Raptor

The TRI® Raptor Abutment range is the newest line of low profile direct implant overdenture attachments. With a low vertical profile of 2.1 mm and diameter of 4.4 mm it is the smallest attachment system on the market. This system offers multiple solutions for overdenture treatment planning when vertical space limitations are a consideration. Female caps are retained by means of a stainless steel housing ranging in four levels of retention, making it easy to process at the dental laboratory or chairside in the dental office.


Lowest height and diameter

50° Degrees


Best Value

For quality

“The TRI® Raptor Abutment allows for less invasive surgery by allowing implant positioning to minimize bone grafting, supporting a faster healing and recovery time, and more streamlined and economical implant prosthetics.” 

Graham Meng, DDS, MS, FACP (USA)
Retentive caps housing

The new Smart Box is a retentive caps housing with innovative design.
Thanks to a pivoting mechanism with a rotational core, it allows a passive insertion under extreme conditions, also up to 50° divergency.

Metal to metal rotational core

Titanium housing with TIN coating

Titanium liner

Elastic cup

Case TRI® Raptor
Dr. Graham Meng (USA)

The All-on-TRI® Solution provides a fast and reliable restoration for fully edentulous patients with limited bone with only four implants and the innovative TRI® angled screw-retained abutment. 

Case All-on-TRI®
Dr. Luis Bessa (PT)
Prosthetic Components
Multi-Unit Abutment

All-on-TRI® treatment protocol
Immediate stability with a proven protocol in minimum bone volume

One size fits all
All existing impression posts, temporary and final components fit

Superior Design Features
Including TRI® Soft Tissue Concept

Supported by TRI®+ Digital Solutions
Plan, place and restore your ALL-ON-TRI® case via the TRI®+ interface with your preferred digital technology

Multi-Unit Ti-Base
Features & Benefits


Can be used conventional and digital

4 Heights Customizing Options

Optimized Design for CAD/CAM Ceramic Restorations

4 Customizing Options

The new pink anodized Multi-Unit Ti-Base can be used in first place as a long-term temporary post polymerized in the existing prosthesis to create a fully screw-retained immediate temporary restauration. To create the final restauration the Multi-Unit Ti-Base can be customized in four predefined length, both physically by the technician and virtually in the respective CAD Software.