Limited Bone & Tissue.
Unlimited Solutions thanks to TRI®.

TRI® Limited Bone & Tissue.

With its range of 6.5 mm implants available for the standard Bone- & Tissue-Level implant lines, TRI® offers a minimally invasive solution for the TRI® Narrow Line (ø 3.3 mm) with a 10 mm length implant. Thanks to the crestal thread design of the implant and the tapered implant body a high primary stability can be achieved. The TRI® Narrow Portfolio is ideal for minimally invasive procedures with limited horizontal bone and will reduce significantly surgical time for the practitioner. 

Ideal for limited Horizontal Bone

The TRI®-Narrow implant has been developed with an enossal diameter of Ø3.3 mm and an internal Friction-Fit connection of Ø3.2 mm. With this reduced diameter implant, treatment options will be expanded especially for narrow ridges or compromised sites in the anterior jaw. 

Dr. David Chamorro (Colombia)
Short Implants
For Bone- and Tissue-Level

With limited vertical bone height available, the use of short implants is a treatment option of choice for many modern implantologists. The TRI Dental Implant system features implants as short as 6 mm to support these minimally invasive treatment concepts.

Sinus Lift Cover Screw

When a sinus lift is applied with just a few millimeters of available bone, the TRI® Bone Adapt implant design helps greatly to achieve maximum primary stability with a minimum of available bone. Additionally, the Sinus Lift Cover Screw that is wider than the implant itself increases even the stability and prevents the implant from entering in the sinus floor completely.

Suture Abutment

The TRI® Soft Tissue Concept is based on the scientific insight that a think soft tissue is beneficial for the esthetic result and the longevity of the dental implant restauration. The suture healing abutments helps for patients with naturally thin soft tissue to gain additional volume during the implant healing phase and therefore reach a long-lasting and esthetic clinical result.