The world’s first implant approved for
full digital restorations without abutment.


  1. Exclusive AU Launch
Sydney & Melbourne

To celebrate the launch of the matrix®, we will be hosting two exclusive events in Sydney and Melbourne.

Join us and learn more about the world’s first digital Implant, presented by world renowned clinicians with a hands-on digital implant workshop.

With a virtual Live session by Prof Ronald E. Jung from University of Zurich at the Sydney event, Prof Axel Spahr from University of Sydney will be presenting in both our Sydney and Melbourne events. 

Alongside Prof Spahr, Dr Andrew IP (Sydney) & Dr Mehrdad Abolghassemmi (Melbourne) will be sharing their experience placing the first set of matrix implants in Australia.


10 years of passion in implantology
It’s time to celebrate!
What started off with a small team, fast forward 10 years later is a leading and innovative provider of digital implant solutions in over 50 markets. Many of you played a crucial role in the enduring history of TRI® and we encourage you to participate in the story telling and celebrations throughout this year. Pay us a visit (virtually or personally), browse through our history or get interactive by creating a special birthday wish video.